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1. NO DRAMA - Leave your baggage at the door and keep out of character drama exactly that, out of character.

2. Make a satire out of your character! Don't take them too seriously. This community is for humor. (and all-round epic-ness)

3. Stay in character; be true to the original characters while following rule #2

4. Remember the RP takes place in RL Japan.

5. Character limit is one per person since there are only so many character available.

6. Wit and humor are a must have. Be quick and sharp; make us laugh!

7. Please stay active! Not asking for too much, just let us know you are alive every once in a while. Sukekiyo

8. Be literate! We expect full sentences and properly formed paragraphs all with proper spelling and grammar.

9. Have fun with it!

Action log: Regular RP post. 3rd person. Characters physically interact with each other. Events.

Chat Log: Role play over MSN/AIM.

Journal Post: Usually written in your character's personal LJ (but we encourage you to post them in the main community). 1st person. Usually speaking through messages. Can contain anything from a simple "Don't go into the washroom, something exploded in there." to pictures.

Based on the manga Cafe Kichijouji de by Kyoko Negishi and Yuki Miyamoto

They say the food's great at Café Akatsuki! But be warned... they're serving up a plate full of insanity. Five waiters with clashing personalities work the cafe floor, but even the simplest of tasks turn into unadulterated madness. With two quirky cooks, a crazy sous-chef and only two managers, mayhem is guaranteed. Hungry yet? Please, take a seat and get ready for a meal you will never forget.

Welcome, to Café Akatsuki!

This is an AU Naruto Role-play moderated by cup_of_smex and cake_is_a_bang. Everything within the community and character journals is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people or events is merely a coincidence.

PLEASE SEND IN A CHARACTER APPLICATION BEFORE JOINING! Also, please glance at the rules before sending in an application. There really aren’t that many. Feel free to lurk the community at your leisure, a button for putting the community on your watch list has been provided.

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